The Quick and Dirty Guide to NYC

The thing about having an ethnic community is the awesome chance of seeing everybody (old and new), speaking our own language (even though I am pretty terrible at it), and having some much-missed cuisine from the motherland.

Case in point: our Easter Mass and celebration this past Sunday.

Twice a year, during Easter and Christmas, the UKI is brimming with Indonesian Catholics from all over the Greater Toronto Area. This past Sunday, as per the usual custom, I made the rare pilgrimage to go down to St. Anselm’s Church at Leaside to celebrate Easter with my Indonesian homies. Afterwards, I saw Inez who asked me if I could recommend places to see in New York City.

Amazing! I LOVE giving travel suggestions and telling people about places I’ve visited.

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Hunting for Beauty in Chicago

To those celebrating, I wish you a very blessed Holy Triduum ahead. I will be back next week with more posts on Chicago.


While Chicago is filled with many museums (Field, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago among them) and attractions (Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium), visiting them all in the span of a weekend can:

1. Burn a hole through your bank account because entry fees add up!

2. Leave you exhausted simply because a weekend is not enough time to visit all of them. Let’s face it – I can spend an entire day in the Museum of Science and Industry alone.

So, I chose to not go into any of the above attractions and opted to check out other beautiful things in the city instead.

If you are like me, below are 7 places worth visiting when you are in the Windy City.

Best of all? Everything is free!

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Doorways, Chi-Town

I first noticed them when we were walking hurriedly up Michigan Avenue.

We just grabbed a quick breakfast at a local bakery and we were on our way to the Chicago Tribune building to meet our guide for a free walking tour of the Loop (which was a no-show, by the way. What a disappointment!).


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Chicago Eats: Pizza, Popcorn, and Donuts

One of the advantages of traveling with a PhD candidate (ahem, Ella) is the amount of research that is done prior to the trip. This is especially handy if said PhD candidate is a crazed foodie who could readily scrutinize Yelp reviews and is never shy to ask for restaurant recommendations from her many connections. Find a friend like this and you are guaranteed to eat well throughout your trip.

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A Tale of Two Towers

Nothing could ever prepared me for it. Not for this.

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