How to Make a Killer Itinerary

As you may have concluded from all my travel posts, I am definitely an obsessed, type-A, trip researcher and traveler. I planned all my trips down to the smallest details possible, including how to get to/from the airport, what the suggested local restaurants are (and what to order from them), and sometimes even including my running routes along my hostel/hotel/rental. Some may argue this takes the fun out of traveling, but considering I have a limited number of vacation days, having a plan helps me to get as much as possible from each destination. It allows me to set a battle plan for each day and accomplish what I want to see and/or do in a particular place. However, note that I never said I actually followed the itinerary down to the tee; once created, it serves merely as a “guide booklet” of sorts and nothing more. I go with the flow and see what the day brings; flexibility is key to a good travel experience after all.

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Eating Philadelphia

Thanks to Ella, I realized I forgot to include one crucial stop when we were eating our way through Philadelphia – the Bierstube! I also added a few more pictures for Waroeng Surabaya since I’ve put in the work to edit and upload them, I just forgot to include them in the post. Apparently I had a case of scatterbrain yesterday!


It’s funny that the Philadelphia Cheese Steak didn’t even make it into my mind until I thought long and hard about what we are missing on our itinerary. Even then, we didn’t even go to any cheese steak establishments (namely Geno’s or Pat’s).

As the routine goes, Ella researched food destinations while I attempted to put everything together in an ordered fashion. However, I think this time both of us were lacking our zeal: Almost all eating establishments Ella listed on her Google Map were either coffee shop or gelateria and I hastily threw together an itinerary that ended up being lacklustre and less than useful.

No regrets, though, because we had good food and a ton of fun during that weekend.

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Old and Grumpy Philadelphia

What happens when a trip leaves you feeling uninspired?

For as long as I can remember, I always come home from a trip (no matter how long or short) brimming with excitement and stories to tell. This trip was different; it was meh. Sure, I had fun, but the credit for that must be given to my companions who are both crazy and ridiculous.

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Life as I Know It

I thought about this for a long time before braving myself to write it out. After continuously writing about my travels and looking back through my posts, I feel like the blog is very impersonal at best. It gives you glances of who the writer behind this blog is, but it doesn’t really tell you about my thoughts and feelings. Most of those posts seem to be neutral, happily published and read without generating much controversy (not that I’m looking for it, but I’d like to write a post that is a little bit thought-provoking at the very least). It’s funny I mentioned that because I’m not confrontational by nature at all, so it’s going to take a little more courage before I accomplish that particular goal. I have something in mind though, so stay tuned for that!

In an attempt to give you a glimpse into my life as well as keeping a diary of sorts for myself, here’s how my summer has been.

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Sunday Stroll: Toronto Flower Market

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE flowers. By no means am I a gardener or a florist, but I always stop at the Flower aisle of the grocery store to look at them. Sometimes I’d stop by a nursery to walk around and see the flowering plants or I’d go for a walk in the ravine behind my house to see what sorts of wild flowers there are. I’ve spent ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of flowers (my travel buddies can attest to this). So, imagine my delight when I found out there is such thing as Toronto Flower Market ! WHAT!

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