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Books I read 2017: Part I

August 13, 2017
When I was in elementary school, my friends and I would trade journals where we’d write about our personal data, like name, date of birth, favourite food, hobbies. Everyone had these journals and we’d trade with each other until we got a complete set of data. At the end of the year, you’ll end up knowing more information that necessary on all your classmates. I’m not sure why this was such a huge trend. Anyways, I’d always listed “Reading” as one of my hobbies. Everything else may change, but “Reading” is always constant.

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Genova, Italy

On Friendship

August 6, 2017

My earliest memory of our encounter was that one morning in October. I had only been at the school for maybe a month, and was asked to read the prayer to the entire school over the PA system. My partner that morning was this tall girl with wild, curly hair in a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt and jeans, a girl who eventually became one of my closest friends today, 17 years later.

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On Wanderlust (and Life lately)

July 1, 2017

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sitting on an eastbound train. Once I reach my station, I would take the bus for 30 minutes before I reach home. This been my routine for the past 6 months: work, home, ministry, home. Meals have been eaten at home and the furthest I’ve gone is only 700 KM away, to Quebec City.

That Monday vibe #latergram

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