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A Case of Writer’s Block and Peggy’s Cove

September 28, 2013

Let’s just be extremely honest here, it took me SO.LONG to write this post because I don’t exactly know how to do so. I guess this is what they call a writer’s block, huh? I mean, I told you about the beaches of PEI, the picturesque Cabot Trail, and the charming little town that is Baddeck. What else is there to tell you? After our morning Mass and breakfast at Baddeck, we drove through the worst torrential downpour known to man for about 5 hours or so. The rain was so bad, that, even with the wipers going at full speed, there were still times I literally could not see anything in front of me. Let me put it this way – the view is similar to what I see when someone takes my glasses away from me: EXTREMELY blurry and very unclear.

Photo by Jess

Photo by Jess; taken at one of the better hour of the downpour.

I’ve ran out of adjectives for describing the things my eyes saw (which is nothing, really, at this point), but we persistently drove on, passing one vehicle after another. After a quick unsatisfactory lunch at The Chickenburger, we continued to Dartmouth to pick up one of our friends who will be joining us to go to Peggy’s Cove. It’s awesome to see a familiar face in the unfamiliar – I love it!

Located approximately 40 minutes away from Halifax, Peggy’s Cove is a tiny fishing village on the coast of St. Margaret’s Bay. It is home to a very famous lighthouse by the same name, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. I wish I could tell you that the skies opened up, the sun started shining, and the temperature perfectly comfortable for a sea-side stroll. No, no, it remained to be a dreary evening, with cloudy skies, strong winds, and misty rain, pretty much the ideal condition for a case of rain hair. I didn’t really mind though, anything was better than a torrential downpour, especially when you’re in the outdoors.
Peggy5 Peggy1 Peggy3 Peggy2 Peggy4 We walked around the lighthouse, took some silly pictures, tempted fate by going way too close to the ocean, and took refuge from the winds in the souvenir shop.Peggy6 Peggy7 Peggy8

IMAG1609-2 IMAG1611-2

Just a little bit northwest of the cove is the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. On September 2, 1998, the plane crashed into St. Margaret’s Bay, bringing with it the lives of  229 men and women. We stopped for a little bit to pay respect before continuing our drive back into the city, a fittingly calm and peaceful ending to the crazy, wind-crazed, day we had.

Memorial1 Memorial2 Memorial3


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