I’m Pauline.  I am Chinese born Indonesian, but I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. As a matter of fact, I can proudly say that I am Canadian (Hello, Canadian passport and easy travels!).

Here is what I look like on a regular day:

Ice cream makes me smile.

Actually, I’m not always THAT happy. But, I would say I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky kid most of the time… What do you say, friends?

My high school friends would tell you that I don’t speak English well, they will undoubtedly reminisce upon that evening in grade 11, after the athletic banquet, when I knocked on the custodians’ office and confidently said: “Excuse me, do you have a sweep?”. I meant to ask for a broom, but my Indonesian tongue slipped and the rest is history. My friends continue to make fun of me until this day. Years later. I have mature friends. Yep.

I created this blog to show them wrong as an outlet for me to practice my writing skills as well as a place where I can share my travel experiences (and hopefully inspire you to travel!). Constructive criticisms are always welcome, but please be nice and courteous.

Although I have not done any RTW (Round-the-World) trips, taken a career break, or lived abroad, but I do love to travel.  I’ve been to a handful of countries in Europe and Asia, I have crossed the border to visit the States, and I often fly back to Indonesia to visit my family. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush you feel when you step out of the airport into a mixture of foreign languages,  different lifestyles, and a myriad of glorious food waiting to be sampled.

As a novice, wannabe blogger, I started with the name Lem0nandlime, which just came to me at a whim. I didn’t really have any philosophy behind it. At the time, I had just found out I really like anything with lemon and lime – lemon poppyseed loaf, keylime pie, and lemon bars are just a few examples. I thought it shows that even the most sour fruits can become something delicious after being processed. I extrapolated that thought and came up with this philosophy: life may have thrown you lemons, but it’s what you do with them that will ultimately define you and your character. It’s ground-breaking, I know!

However, as I continue to share my travel experiences, I realize that my posts tend to focus a lot on pilgrimage sites, sites that are considered to be holy and sacred by the Catholic Church because of a significant event that occurred there or because of its association with the saints of the Church. After having more than a year to think about it (I started lem0nandlime in June 2012), I’ve discovered that my passion in travel lies within the niche of religious travels, in which I find a particular joy in learning about my faith through preserved ruins, majestic cathedrals and basilicas, and beautiful artworks. For it is through these that faith, an abstract concept, is expressed in the most concrete forms our human minds can muster. All that is not to say that I will solely focus on pilgrimage sites; they will be emphasized but I will also talk about whatever other famous landmarks there are to see in a specific place. My hope is to make this site a useful resource for both travelers and pilgrims alike.

In terms of personal goals – I want to see the world in its entirety. I want to  be someone who is constantly in awe of this world we live in, to be someone who is continuously learning of other traditions and cultures, to be someone who enjoys wandering, and to be someone who is delighted by the kindness of strangers. After all, the world is a great place to be in!