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Capture the Colour 2013

October 9, 2013

Last year I combed through a ton of blog posts with their beautiful entries to the Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Photo Contest. I hemmed and hawed about entering it, but alas, I missed the deadline without ever having the chance of putting a post together. This year I caught the deadline just in time (i.e. tonight at 12 midnight GMT) – Hah! I’m nothing if not a procrastinator!

The premise of the contest is really simple: choose five photos from your travels that reflect the colors of red, white, blue, green, and yellow. I’m not a photographer by any means, but I love sharing pictures from my travel and it’s fun to enter photo contests! So, without any more rambles, here they are.



Taken accidentally while we were on a boat cruise on the Seine, this picture really captures the essence of a Parisian night. Starting off our whirlwind World Youth Day trip in 2011, everything we’ve done that day seems to be a blur. That is, until we saw the Eiffel Tower standing proud, enduring time, and glowing beautifully in the middle of the darkened sky.



I don’t remember why Claire wasn’t with me, but it was an early morning when I took a walk down Love Lane in Penang. Love Lane itself is a very short street lined with hostels advertising affordable rooms and available laundry services (weighed by the kilos) for backpackers. Other than that, there really was not much to see until I looked up and saw rows of these bright red lanterns strung across the alley, anchored between the buildings facing each other. They instantly brought a smile to my face that morning.



This one took me so long to find. I looked through my Ireland and East Coast pictures and saw NOTHING that showcases the colour green. I was dumbfounded – how can I traveled to the Emerald Isle and not have a single picture of something green? But then I started to dig a little further back to our very first trip to Europe in 2009 and came across this picture. I remember vividly when this was taken – we were on our last day in Florence, where we had stayed with the Passionist Sisters in their house right at the border between Firenze and Fiesole. We were given a room at the uppermost floor that can only be reached after climbing several sets of stairs (amazing workout when you also have to lug suitcases with you!). Sr. Domenika, our host, an energetic little nun walked briskly across our room, opened the window, and proudly showed us the view above. Things become more magical at night when you see the city lights in the distance and when you hear the sounds of the occasional car passing by, the clanking of forks and knives as patrons dined in the small restaurant down the street, and the laughter and muffled conversations that take place over said dinner. It was beautiful.



There she sat, in the middle of St. Mark’s Square with her head bowed and body bent, hoping that one of the thousands of tourists would spare a change for her. It was a hot and humid day in Venice and I quickly dismissed her when I first saw her before going into the cool refuge that was the Basilica. Way to perform those corporeal works of mercy, huh? An hour later, we came out from Mass and she was still there in the same position. I observed from afar and realized this is Venice – hot sun, humid weather, the yells of gondoliers offering their services, the sounds of the water lapping against the ports, tourists walking about, and a beggar in the midst of it all.



I travel with the Olympus PEN EPL-1 and the kit lens that comes with it. As such, it’s rare that I can capture such a close-up shot of an animal. However, that afternoon in the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, this beauty came up to us with all his tail feathers majestically showcased, almost as if he was posing and begging me to take his picture. So I did and here we are! I love the striking blue feathers on his body, truly gorgeous!


There they are, my 5 photographs. Composing this post took me on a bittersweet walk down the Memory Lane; bitter because all this has come to past, sweet because I had the chance to experience them, who would have thought? I’m grateful for all my friends who are crazy enough to want to travel with me and I’m so thankful for the privilege and chance to see this big wonderful world of ours.

As a part of the contest, those participating are asked to spread the word and nominate another 5 bloggers (I apologize for the extremely late nominations, guys):

Karen, a GTA-restaurants reviewer extraordinaire and a musical addict.

Ayngelina, whose food pictures always make me wish it’s lunch time already.

Lisa, who makes me wish I have her cooking/baking ability.

Jill, whose current challenge of traveling for 30 days only with a daypack still leaves my mouth hanging in awe.

Alouise, whose local travel stories always make me want to further explore Canada!

I hope you will also have a chance to re-live your travels and trips like I did!

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