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On Wanderlust (and Life lately)

July 1, 2017

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sitting on an eastbound train. Once I reach my station, I would take the bus for 30 minutes before I reach home. This been my routine for the past 6 months: work, home, ministry, home. Meals have been eaten at home and the furthest I’ve gone is only 700 KM away, to Quebec City.

That Monday vibe #latergram

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I started 2017 with one travel plan in mind: to attend Ella’s wedding in Jakarta and to show Lisa and Alex around Surabaya. Everything else is up to chance (i.e. whatever great deals I find). It’s the same approach I’ve always used but it seems to be failing me this time. I thought I could sustain myself on a couple of local trips here and there, but it turns out that it’s not enough.

I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere for the first half of the year mainly because of a few things: I forked out a large sum of money for my return flights home (it’s high season), which eats a lot into my yearly travel budget, I had a huge conference to organize in June (mission completed last weekend) which required a lot of work and constant emails (have you ever been an event coordinator? It’s insanity), and I had to write a certification exam for work, which also took up some time because apparently I have forgotten how to study despite spending 4 years cooped up in a U of T library (but I passed – thank God!)

So, yea, travel wasn’t in the book and I knew that. I expected that.

What I didn’t expect is how deeply it would impact me and my well-being.

I am uninspired, as you can see from the lack of blog post and Instagram photos.

I become complacent. The less I travel the less interested I am to actively look for deals, or even to dream about where to go next. That girl who excitedly looked at every flight sale and though of travel possibilities? Yea, she was gone.

Typical faces. #intothemountainswego🏔

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That said, I am about to leave for Indonesia for 3 whole weeks. I don’t have anything else planned aside from going to Jakarta, hosting Lisa and Alex in Surabaya, and maybe going to Singapore with my parents. This whole trip has been surreal to me. It hasn’t hit me yet that by this time next week I will be in a whole different part of the world.

But, as I sit down in my room now surrounded by things to bring and luggage to pack, I’m starting to get those butterflies back.

Hello, Adventure, I’ve missed you and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.


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    YES, CAN’T WAIT! :)

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