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Slow Jazz and Shrimp Tacos

September 29, 2013


“Do you see a blue thing that looks like an amoeba nearby? Wait for us there!”, Claire said pointedly when I asked her where I should be waiting. What the hell? As it turns out, this “blue amoeba thing” is located beside the Visitors Center and is the Tourism of Nova Scotia’s attempt to replicate a wave. I say it looks more like a tongue, but, meh, to each her own.




*Jazz band starts playing right in front of our table; Claire shrieks with excitement* 

“Oh-my-god! Can you title your blog post about Halifax ‘Slow Jazz and Shrimp Tacos’?”
The shrimp tacos...

The shrimp tacos…

Well, yes, Claire, your wish is my command. Here you go: Slow Jazz and Shrimp Tacos. It’s actually quite the genius post title and I must admit, I loved it as soon as I heard it – so, thanks! We were at Stayner’s Wharf on the Halifax waterfront, enjoying what I thought was the best meal I’ve had up until that point in our trip: shrimp tacos with rice and black beans. They were positively divine and I devoured every last bit that came on my plate. You see, it had been a long, long day. We started from Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, drove for approximately 5 hours in the worst torrential rain known to mankind (I know, I’ll eventually stop talking about how bad this rain was, just give me some time to get over it), stopped by Peggy’s Cove, backtracked, and finally ending our day at the Halifax waterfront. 

Go home street lights, you`re drunk!

Go home street lights, you`re drunk!

With the jazz band playing rather noisily in the background, we talked about how different Halifax is from Toronto. East coasters abide by a different set of rules and they certainly look at time with a more laid-back attitude. Life is more slow-paced and relaxed. At one time, it took the Tim Hortons’ cashier a good 5 minutes to make my coffee. Seriously. That’s totally unheard of in Toronto! Plus, drivers are so damn obedient and I love it! For all the time we were driving there, I did not see someone driving on the left (aka the passing) lane. If they need to pass, they would pass you, and quickly revert back to the right lane, almost as if I would report them to the police if they don’t. Signals were never missed and a stop at a stop-sign was a full and legit 3-second stop, instead of the usual rolling stop everyone does in Toronto. We discussed how tourist friendly the entire region is – there is a Visitors’ Center EVERYWHERE. And, I also mentioned they are friendly to gluten-free travelers; I ran across several places that offered a gluten-free menu for those with sensitive stomachs. Heck, even Cows’ offered to make you a gluten-free waffle cone! It’s observations like these that make travel so much fun!

I had originally planned to have Cows Ice Cream from Charlottetown, where it was originally from, but seeing as we got into town so late at night, I wasn’t really in the mood for ice cream (gasp, I know, I should ALWAYS be in the mood for ice cream! I’m still surprised at myself, actually). In the attempt of redeeming myself, I begged Claire and Chris to take me to Cows despite the fact that it was quite chilly last night. They agreed (wise move – never, ever deny a tourist an ice cream!), we had fun marveling at the quirky souvenirs on display at the store, and, of course, we each enjoyed scoops of the delicious ice cream (Moo York Cheesecake for me!).

Udder cream

Udder cream

Moonions.. teehee!

Moonions.. teehee!

What a perfect way to end the night!


  • Reply Claire October 6, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    YAY! Great blog title ;)
    Thanks for stopping by, glad you loved the tacos and ice cream, I think we’ll have to head to that fish and chips place you mentioned in the next post, those looked deeelicious!!

    • Reply Pauline October 8, 2013 at 3:29 pm

      Yea!!! YOU DO! Make sure you go and eat there! It’s worth the drive :) Aaand, thanks for being an awesome host (please extend the gratitude to Chris as well!).

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