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When Detour Happens…

October 3, 2013

Psst – HIMYM season 8 is finally on (Canadian) Netflix!! I realize how much of a hermit I am in saying this, but OMG!! So, friends, if you don’t see me in the next several days, you know where to find me – that’s right, curled up under my blanket, catching up with Ted Mosby and his crew! 


Labor Day Monday wasn’t suppose to unfold like it did.

We planned to make our way to Lunenburg, a coastal fishing town with colorful houses. Once there, we were supposed to go whale-watching followed by a hearty seafood lunch at the local pub before making our way out of Nova Scotia.


Sounds like a great day, right?

Except, of course, when we checked the forecast the night before we leave, it showed rains for the next several days. I’m not one to dictate my travel plans according to the weather, but after days of rain, I had no more toleration for it.  After discussing the pros and cons with the group, we decided to cancel Lunenburg, hence our whale-watching excursion is also a no-go. Yes, we were on the coast and it would have been the perfect place to do it, but we would be miserable on that boat! Plus, sightings weren’t guaranteed. So, was it really worth the misery? Nope.

With our entire day unexpectedly free, we decided to take it easy: we woke up late (so late that we almost missed breakfast!), checked out exactly at 11, and went down to the waterfront to stroll its length. We were just going to make our way over to the Citadel when the clouds decided to dump all the rains they had on the city. Unwilling to be drenched, we took refuge in one of the buildings to wait until the rain subsides.

Best souvenir: rum cake!

Best souvenir: rum cake!


A line of stores on the Halifax waterfront

A line of stores on the Halifax waterfront


Considering we still had an entire afternoon ahead of us, we decided to start making our way to Saint John, N.B., with a plan of stopping at a little town called Truro on the way. The rain wasn’t subsiding when we got to Truro, so we went into the Visitors’ Center (didn’t I tell you this province is very visitors-friendly?) to ask what we can do in the town. The frank lady manning the Center told us that no, she wouldn’t recommend doing any of the beautiful hikes because of the rains. “But”, she said, “You can go to Masstown Market, just 10 minutes down, at exit 12. Make sure you order only 1 piece of the fish and chips! They’re HUGE!”

What? A market? HUGE FISH AND CHIPS? We are SO there!

And what do you know – Masstown Market turned out to be the highlight for the day.IMAG1661-2 IMAG1654-2

Said umbrellas above...

Said umbrellas above…

The fish and chips were definitely the best we had and the blueberry cheesecake ice cream (of which its cheeky title eludes me at this moment) was delicious!

Move over shrimp tacos, these deep-fried goodness have just kicked your butt!

Move over shrimp tacos, these deep-fried fishy goodness just kicked your butt!

Sure, I’ve always wanted to go whale-watching (it is on my Life List) and this is not the first time it doesn’t happen, but considering the trade off, it’s totally worth it. This is what happens when you leave things to chance – you stumble upon surprising gems (even if said gems are fish and chips and ice cream!).

I am glad Labor Day Monday didn’t go as planned.

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